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Cadyce is a prominent and innovative technology company that stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions. With a strong commitment to enhancing the digital experience, Cadyce offers a diverse range of high quality products designed to seamlessly integrate and optimize connectivity in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. As a leading player in the industry, Cadyce consistently strives to empower individuals and businesses with reliable and advanced connectivity solutions, catering to the modern demands of connectivity, communication, and productivity. Explore Cadyce’s offerings at and experience the future of seamless connectivity.

Cadcyee India is their sister company that focuses especially on the Indian Market. They were launching a new product called the “Cube Docking Station” for the first time in India. The new product, which is set to revolutionize connectivity in the Indian market, showcases Cadyce’s commitment to innovation and meeting the unique needs of their customers. With Cadcyee India’s expertise and understanding of the local market, they are well-positioned to deliver cutting-edge solutions that will enhance connectivity experiences for individuals and businesses across the country. 


3D Product Animation


3D Product Visualization of Cube Docking
3D Product Visualization of Cube Docking
Product Visualization of Cube Docking

Why Was Opting for 3D Product Videos the Best Option?

Once clients understood their requirements for a product video, they had the option of choosing a live video shoot or a 3D animated video. In a live product shoot, they had to coordinate with a film crew, find suitable locations, and deal with potential limitations such as weather conditions. On the other hand, opting for a 3D animated video allowed them to have complete control over every aspect of the video, from the product’s appearance to the environment it was showcased in. This ensured a flawless presentation that highlighted all the product’s features without any logistical challenges or limitations. 

However, Opting for 3D product introduction videos was the best option because it allowed for more creative freedom and flexibility in showcasing the product’s features. With 3D product animation, we were able to highlight intricate details and demonstrate the product’s functionality in a way that may not have been possible with a live video shoot. Additionally, 3D product videos can be easily edited and updated as needed, ensuring that the content remains relevant and engaging for our clients’ target audience. 

3D Rendering of Cube Docking
3D Rendering of Cube Docking

Having successfully concluded the initial project with Cadcyee, we possessed an extensive grasp of their requirements and an intimate familiarity with the product. Additionally, the benefit of hindsight from our prior collaboration helped us create what might be considered the most exceptional interior animation ever created by our Atellier team.

Cadcyee’s endorsement of the new animation direction was evident through their allocation of a larger budget and an extended timeline. This empowerment not only enabled us to exhibit our polished animation acumen but also to showcase our prowess in simulation, sound design, and creative ingenuity. Through these endeavors, we adeptly showcased the capabilities and allure of this groundbreaking product. The outcome engendered a profound sense of satisfaction and achievement.

What prompted the client to approach us?

3D Rendering of Cube Docking

Challenges and Resolution 

The first challenge we identify was that Cadcyee India has many products in their basket. So this new product has to stand out and still resemble their other electronic accessories. Where the second challenge was cube docking station was a completely new product for the Indian market so it was extremely important that viewers understand the product’s usability completely in video.
However, amid these challenges, a window of opportunity for excellence emerged. With unrestricted creative freedom, we harnessed our entire spectrum of skills and simulation techniques to craft a truly exceptional creation. Our paramount focus was to aid our exceptional client in the successful launch of their remarkable product. In pursuit of this goal, we exerted maximum effort and allocated abundant resources. Yet, this endeavor wouldn’t have been achievable without the steadfast trust bestowed upon us by the cadcyee team.

The Distinctive Atellier Studio Approach

Understanding of the Product

Upon concluding the initial venture with cadcyee, we developed a profound comprehension of the client’s needs. This intimacy enabled us to more effectively synchronize our creative endeavors with cadcyee animation vision, guaranteeing the ultimate outcome matched their anticipations.


The production process highlighted our creative acumen and polished animation abilities, culminating in what we consider one of the most exceptional interior animations we’ve ever crafted. We took immense satisfaction in presenting Cadcyee’s product with captivating visuals and an engaging narrative, accentuating its enhanced assembly mechanism, aesthetics, and materials.

Trusted Partnership

The bond established between Cadcyee India and us held significant importance. The extension of additional projects and additional time by cadcyee to Atellier signifies considerable faith in our capabilities and a shared aspiration for ongoing collaboration. This alliance probably offered Cadcyee a sense of reassurance and cooperation, nurturing a fruitful and mutually advantageous working partnership.

Strong Communication Process

In the service business, it is a must to keep updating your client from time to time. At Atellier we have a special team that takes care of the communication process and make sure project onboarding and final delivery is smooth.