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3D Product Rendering

3D Product modeling rendering is a process of creating Product Images with the help of computer programs. It’s also known as ( Computer-generated Imagery) CGI. These images are photorealistic and give a clear idea of the product to its end user. HD product renders catch minute details of the product and its textures and creates eye-catching Images. With 3D Product rendering, we can achieve great results that are impossible to achieve in Photography. For Instant, with the help of technical drawings, we can Visualize natural products with a 3D customized background as well as 3D rendering company helps brands to visualize product before even manufacturing it. 3D Product render services are widely used for e-commerce, Advertisement, marketing, and sales. 

Black & Blue 3D Toothbrush visualization

How do 3D Rendering Products help?

3D Product rendering services help you in the various stages of a product life cycle and Marketing. Let’s discuss below how can product rendering help you?

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Sharing Your Idea

Every product is Just an Idea at the beginning. And our high-quality 3D product rendering services bring it to life. In short, why to use dull sketches or plain 3D Models when you can use photorealistic 3D Product renders. So, before the product exists, you can create product 3d renders that are accurate and eye-catching.

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Product Development​

Product development is a long process of trial and error. With 3D product rendering services, we can rectify the aesthetic mistakes at the early stages of development. And it saves our energy and costs.We can study what colors and textures look good and suit the product before setting the product for the mass manufacturing process.

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Enrich Visual Communication​

"One picture is better than thousand word." Better visuals communicate your idea effectively. Our 3D Product rendering services convey your product to investors, Buyers, consumers, and shareholders. 3D rendering company helps to enrich brands visual communication.

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Accelerate Sales​

We create stunning product images as per clients' requirements. Impressive product renders help You to attract more traffic online. 3d Render Images allows you to sell or display a product before its manufacturing resulting in cash flow at the early stage of business.

Lets create realistic 3D photo rendering

Why to choose photos when you can get high-quality 3D product renders.

Who can use 3D Product rendering Services?

Atellier Studio’s 3D Product Rendering services are developed to deliver remarkable quality that traditional ways can not match whether your product is still in the development phase or already on the market. With its technical drawings or photos, we can create high-quality 3D product visualization, perfect for Pre-visualization or marketing purposes. Hire best 3D product rendering company from comfort of your home.

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Product Designer

3D product Rendering services help product designer put forward their idea in beautiful shapes and styles. Product designers also use 3D product visualization services effectively to finalize the product's final look, color, and textures. 

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Product Manufacturer

Product manufacturers prefer to use 3D Renderings services to understand the product's look. They also use Product 3D rendering for promotion and branding purposes.

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Marketing Agencies

Impressive Product images are an asset for marketing agencies and companies. Creative visuals communicate product ideas effectively and help the business achieve its desired targets.

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E-commerce business

Digitalization opens opportunities as well as competition.  E-commerce businesses use impressive 3D renders to stand out in the crowd. Unique images attract more traffic to the website.

Benefits of 3D product rendering

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Marketing tool​

Excellent 3D Product images are used in various marketing activities like billboards, brochures, magazines, etc.

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Before manufacturing, we can create 3D product renders and start selling products.

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Visual Effects

3D Product Renderings Technics allow us to create a desired visual effect in a product image as per your requirement.

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This images are computer generated; hence it easily captures fine product details which are not possible in a photoshoot.

Stunning CGI Images of your product

Atellier Studio your best 3D Product Rendering Company

How are 3D product renders created?

3D Black Coffee machine wireframe rendered image

Companies invest good amount of money in 3D rendering services lets understand steps  to create the most advanced 3D product renders. The product has to undergo four different steps. 

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3D Modelling ​

The first step in visualization is creating a 3D model of the product. 3D Modelling is the process of making computer-generated digital representations of any product or surface. This mathematical representation is an exact copy of the product in terms of its height, width, and depth.

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Once the Model is completed next step is applying Texture. Textures are the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface. In this step, adding shadows helps create depth in the product.

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With the help of technology, we can create customized lighting per our requirements. A lighting setup is designed as per the product's design and textures. There is no limitation on using minimal or maximum light in 3D. 

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Rendering and composition

Once everything comes together with a computer's help, we can generate product renders. These renders are in various formats and can not be used directly. The final step in creating Renders is composition. Composition is the process of bringing all tiny details together to achieve the final result. 

Where You can Use 3D Product Renderings?






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workflow at atellier
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Starting Project

We at Atellier Studio believe in corresponding with our customers to get detailed product information. Information exchanged during the interaction will include product information, CAD drawing, reference images, Photographs, etc.

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Reviewing Information

Once client information is gathered, our communication team understands the requirements and reviews all details. If there are any details required, we get them from clients.

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Project Implementation​

We start our project by creating a 3D Model with all the necessary details. This 3D Model is shared with the client for approval. The approved Model then undergoes a look development process. In which essential lighting and texturing are completed. Once it is approved, we create final product renders.

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Approval and reviews​

Half Hd output is then shared with clients for their review and suggestions. After agreed changes, we deliver HD output for products.

3D Product Visualization Services

Our passion is to create top-notch 3D product visualization for your business.

Types of 3D Product Rendering Services

Simple Studio Render or White background render

As the name suggests, these 3D product renders are on white background. They are neat, powerful, and widely used by brands for the marketing campaign. These simple images highlight Product design and display the product with all its recognition. E-commerce sites like Amazon and e-bay insist on having product images in this format. You can add any color in the background as per your branding requirements.
3D White Background lock & key image
3D Exploded view toy image

3D Exploded View

3D Exploded views are a fantastic way to showcase the product’s Interiors. These show the interior part of the product, as you would notice in an instruction manual on how to assemble the product. They are a great help when brands talk about the quality of their product.

Render Composition

To showcase your product more effectively and in sync with the marketing campaign, we compose 3D visualization with different graphics. These custom images bring products all distant prospects. They are widely used for billboards, brochures, website home pages, or social media platforms.

3D Product Rendering Image of Portable Cooler
3D Product Rendering Image of Air Cooler

Custom 3D Background

In this, we create custom 3D Background for product renders. They are primarily used to showcase how the product will look in a natural environment. For Instant, how Air conditioning will look once it’s installed in the house.

3D Product Cut section

They are also known as breakaway renders. As the name suggests, it shows the interiors allowing customers to understand more details about the product. These are widely used to display labels of product interiors so companies can educate their customers or investors. You can avail of these renders either on the plain or customized background. Product cut sections are instrumental in understanding complicated or layered products. 
3D Mattress Cut Section Image
3D Orange Kettle Image

Color Variation

The beauty of using 3D Technology for product visualization or product animation is that you can develop an endless color variations of your product. With simple website up-gradation, you can display color options your product has.

Interactive product renders

Interactive products can bring a new depth to your product. You can incorporate these web-based renders efficiently on your website. It adds a WOW factor to the user experience.

3D Medical Equipment Image

Why choose Atellier Studio for 3D product Rendering services?

Atellier Studio uses innovative techniques and tools to create superior product rendering services. Our high-quality product renders have minute details like correct textures, colors, and design. Before working on your requirement, we study the complete DNA of your business and its target audiences. We learn your needs and goals behind the visualization; hence, we provide the best solution per your needs. We have well-equipped online study with hours of experience in creating stunning product visuals. Be it product exterior renders or interior, our visualizer ensures it’s technically correct and visually appealing. We are a decade-old 3D product rendering company; hence our production process is well defined and time bound. Working with Atellier is just like hiring your own professional 3D product rendering company. Just share your requirements and relax; our professional artist will work for you. Atellier is a pioneer in providing 3D product rendering services , 3D Product animation, and 3D Jewelry rendering services to businesses across all verticals.   

Creative agency for your e-commerce business

3D rendering services for e-commerce business.


Yes we can surely match the brand’s specific style and aesthetic in the 3D renderings.

Product CAD drawing or photographs, color and texture details, any references etc. 

Turnaround time depends on requirements however, most of the projects have 7 days turnaround time.

We provide 4K, 8K .Jpj format. We also share output as per clients requirements.

Yes of course we can do that. Just share drawings or CAD or sketches of the product and we will create realistic 3D renders before it is manufactured.

Our 3D product renders are hyper realistic. We deliver 99% projects on time.