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About Client!

MHDR Electronics is a prominent electronics manufacturer that operates globally. In its quest to introduce a new product into the Israeli market, the company recognized the need for an innovative approach to ensure prospective customers could easily comprehend their cutting-edge offering.

To address this challenge, MHDR Electronics decided to leverage the power of animation to enhance product understanding. They understood that a visually engaging and interactive medium would not only capture the attention of potential customers but also effectively communicate the unique features and benefits of their new product. By utilizing animation, MHDR Electronics aimed to create a memorable and immersive experience that would leave a lasting impression on their target audience. 


3D Product Animation


Client Challenge:

 As MHDR Electronics prepared to launch a groundbreaking product in Israel, they faced the challenge of introducing a novel, complex technology to potential clients. Given the intricate nature of the product and its distinct features, it was imperative that clients understood the product’s functionality, its internal structure, and its superiority over existing alternatives.

The product is both a compact water filter and a dispenser. Being a water filter, it was a must to have liquid or water stimulation in the video. The product is not only useful; its design is asthetically beautiful. Hence, showing its multiple uses has to be included in the video. 

Solution: MHDR Electronics approached Atellier Studio, a leading multimedia and product animation company, to address their product communication needs. Atellier Studio was tasked with creating an engaging product animation video that would captivate viewers and convey the product’s intricacies in a clear and concise manner.

We have been serving clients all across the globe since 2011. MHDR has approached us after seeing our YouTube channel. And email us with all details once we finalize the project’s scope, cost, and timeline over emails. We started working on the project. 

Implementation: Atellier Studio adopted a structured approach to meet the client’s needs.

Initial Consultation: A detailed discussion was held with MHDR Electronics to comprehend the unique features and selling points of their new product. We have structured forms and formats that help clients share information through emails.

We make sure that client expectations and our understanding are on the same page. This helps us establish clear objectives and deliverables for the project. Additionally, we regularly schedule progress meetings to keep the client updated on the project’s status and address any concerns or changes that may arise. 

Concept Development: Atellier Studio proposed a comprehensive concept for the product animation video, including water simulations and an exploded view of the product’s interior. This concept was presented and refined in collaboration with the client.

This concept was explained in detail in the format of the video script. The client’s approval is a must before we finalize our script. Once the script is approved, our team will begin the production phase, which involves creating a 3D model and animatics to visualize the concept. Throughout this process, we will maintain open communication with the client to ensure their vision is accurately represented in the final product. 

3D Model and Look Development: Our team leveraged advanced 3D modeling techniques to recreate the product’s external and internal components with precision. This included creating highly detailed 3D models of the product’s physical structure. The look-development phase focused on enhancing the visual aesthetics of the 3D models. This involved refining materials, lighting, and textures to make the product visually appealing and true to life. 

We get client approval for the 3D model as well as its appearance so we can rectify issues, problems, or missteps at an earlier stage and save our as well as clients time. 

Animation Production: Atellier Studio initiated the animation production process, bringing the concept to life through a combination of 3D modeling, rendering, and animation techniques. The team at Atellier Studio carefully crafted the movements and actions of the 3D models to ensure a seamless and captivating animation. This process involved adding realistic physics, dynamic lighting, and special effects to enhance the overall visual experience. Additionally, sound design and music were integrated to further immerse viewers in the animation.


Quality Assurance: The video was rigorously reviewed and refined to ensure that it met the highest standards of quality and effectively communicated the product’s features.


Outcome: Within 10 working days,Atellier Studio successfully delivered the final product animation video to MHDR Electronics. The result was a captivating and informative video that enabled MHDR Electronics to showcase their new product with unparalleled clarity. Viewers could now understand the product’s functionality, design, and benefits, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and a more successful product launch.


Client Feedback: MHDR Electronics expressed their utmost satisfaction with the product animation video. They noted that the animation effectively addressed their primary challenge in introducing a complex product to the Israeli market, making it a pivotal asset for their marketing and sales efforts.


Through a collaborative effort, Atellier Studio and MHDR Electronics triumphantly overcame the challenge of introducing a new and intricate product to the Israeli market. The product animation video served as an instrumental tool, enabling MHDR Electronics to communicate the product’s key features and benefits to potential clients with exceptional clarity and impact. The video effectively showcased the product’s innovative design and functionality, capturing the attention of potential clients and generating significant interest in the Israeli market. This collaboration between Atellier Studio and MHDR Electronics proved to be a game-changer, establishing a strong foundation for successful marketing and sales campaigns in Israel.