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How can 3D Jewelry Rendering services be helpful for Online Stores?

3D Jewelry Vizualization of Diamond Ring

What is 3D Jewelry Rendering?

3D Jewelry rendering services are a special kind of image that is created to show a piece of jewelry. The image is created using special software. The rendered images are very realistic and look exactly like real-life objects. However to create high-quality images just high-quality technology does not help it needs an expert with experience.

Types of 3D Jewelry Rendering

1. Photorealistic or Fine Jewelry Rendering

This type of render is created using multiple visualization software. It is very complicated process however it gives Photo-realistic renders. These Render images and videos are more realistic than other types of renders.

2. CAD Renders

This type is created by using computer-aided design (CAD). The CAD model is used to create a 3D model. The model is textured and colored. The model is then exported to rendering software.

How 3D Jewelry rendering services help Online stores.

1. Helps in attracting customers.

With stunning 3D Jewelry renders, the online store attracts more customers. As good quality images look more appealing on the web. In fact, stats show that articles that include images can get up to 94% more total views.

2. Increases Conversion Rate.

With attractive and high-quality jewelry images, the conversion rate increases. According to a survey, 67% customers say good quality Product Images help them with buying decisions. 

3. Improves SEO.

Product Images and videos (3D) are important ranking factors for Google. Apart from making content more interesting Images and videos help to improve the engagement and assessability of your website to improve SEO.

4. Increases Brand Value

High-quality 3D Jewelry Images and Videos (3D) help to increase brand value as customers like to buy things exactly what you describe. With High-quality Images, brands can display their product, services, and vision in a better manner.

5. Reduces Returns.

Product return in Jewelry Industry can be a costly affair and fine Jewelry images and videos help customers to understand the product in a better way. With high-quality product images, the chances of returns decrease.

Which 3D Jewelry Rendering services to choose?

Cad Jewelry rendering is easy to create and affordable. However, it does not give photo-realistic results. However, it is used frequently as an alternative to photoshoots.

CAD image vs 3D Rendered Image Banner

CAD software is widely used for product design and prototyping. It is used to create 3D models of products. Software like CAD gives the exact measurement and depth of the product. It has pre-build lighting and texturing setup that can be used for visualization purposes. Due to these restrictions, CAD outputs are not high in quality.

Whereas for Fine or Photorealistic 3D Jewelry rendering process uses a combination of various visualization software like Max, Maya, V-ray, etc. This software has its own specialty and High-quality Jewelry rendering services, the provider uses it at its best.

An expert 3D visualizer is required to create a high-quality image.


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Process of Creating High-quality 3D Jewelry Renders and Videos

1. Modeling -

It is the process of creating a 3D model of a real object. Though the client provides CAD Model for the realistic output Modeling process is different than CAD Modeling hence, a 3D Model has to be created from scratch.


However, the CAD model helps to achieve the accuracy of the 3D product Model.

2. Texture -

It is the process of adding color, material, and texture to the 3D model. As Jewelry is comparatively small in size, the texture of the model plays a vital role in the final output.

3. Lighting -

It is the process of adding light to the 3D model. Correct lighting helps to highlight products in a better way.

4. Shading -

It is the process of adding shadows to the 3D model. Shadows create depth to the product.

5. Rendering -

It is the process of converting the 3D model into a photorealistic or fine jewelry render. We are at Atellier use various rendering technologies.

6. Post Production -

 It is the process of editing the render and adding final touches to it.

Costing For 3D Jewelry Rendering

There are multiple parameters that decide the cost of the 3D Jewelry renders. Here we are discussing Fine or Photorealistic 3D Jewelry pricing.

1. Modeling -

The cost of modeling depends on the complexity of the Jewelry design. As in the Fine jewelry visualization process, we need to create the model from scratch.

2. Texture -

The cost of texture depends on the various textures used like gold, stone, diamond, etc.

3. Detailing

There are few brands that have high-end detailing. This detailing in the product builds their brand and brand value.

Fine 3D jewelry rendering services can cost you anything between USD 40 to USD 100 per product.

How do you select good 3D Jewelry rendering services?

1. Experience -

Apart from the updated technology, skills and expertise make difference in real output. Hence, only an experienced studio with 3 D Visualization skills can create high-quality 3-D images.

2. Portfolio -

The portfolio of the service provider should be checked. The portfolio should have a wide range of previous work and it must show significant and consistent improvement in their work.

3. Established communication Process -

A good communication process is very important. Hence, the service provider should have a clear communication process and should be available for the client during the entire project.

Conclusion -

With increasing competition, the online presence of an online store is a must. With high-quality 3 D images, the online store can attract more customers and improve the conversion rate.

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