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3D Product Rendering: All you should know

3D product rendering services have gained a lot of prominence in the last few years. It is used extensively in manufacturing and e-commerce. Though 3D product rendering has been around since 2000, with fantastic graphics and more immersive media applications, the method gained prominence in 2018.  

The growth of online shopping has fuelled the need for 3D product rendering. There is no better way to demonstrate these things than to leverage 3D visualization technology, which has made it feasible for customers to visualize the product and buy practically anything they desire over the internet.

3D product renders has many time-saving and target achievement advantages over traditional photography. Furthermore, a 3D model can be used in other digital marketing campaigns as well. For example, 360° views, product tours, teaser videos, and explainer videos. 

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What is 3D product Rendering?


3D product rendering or product 3D visualization is the method of creating photorealistic or non-photorealistic images in 3D dimensions using computer software. The image created is called 3D render. 



When it comes to creating and marketing, photorealistic rendering services have completely surpassed traditional photography and 2D graphics. With 3D Rendering Services, our animation artists can construct even the most complex ideas. 3D rendering is versatile because it can be used to conceptualize products that have not been created. Additionally, you can show the product in different color variations, different angles and views, and environments. Marketers can use the images in marketing campaigns, and manufacturers can use the image to envisage how the product will look before production.

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Advantages of High-quality 3D Product Rendering Services

O Logistics

It requires a lot of coordination to organize a successful photoshoot. You need to ship the to shipped to the location, the set has to be designed, and the photographer and their equipment  need to be sent to the location. 3D product rendering can save a lot of logistical costs associated with traditional photo shoots.  In fact, you do not require a physical product to produce a photorealistic render.  

O Versatility

You can use 3D product rendering services to show endless variety in colors, textures, materials, and transparency of a product. These changes can be implemented very easily which would not be possible with photography. 

O Create stunning images

Marketers may produce spectacular pictures using 3D rendering that display products in their natural environments without requiring to build photosets. Customers can then picture the product in their minds while considering the setting and end-use application.

O Show product features

Marketers can use 3D renderings to showcase all the features of the product. The images can be used to show the internal product components and functioning. 

O Create animation

Marketers may create attractive animation while maintaining total control over the final product by using specialist 3D tools. Surfaces can be depicted more realistically in 3D rendering since it can attain extreme light and camera settings, such as low light and resolution. It is not possible to achieve this scale with photography.

O Test the market

Companies use 3D rendering to speed up the time for the product to reach the market and lowers development costs. It assists in identifying design defects and product optimization for higher quality, leading to increased client satisfaction. You can release the product images to gauge market reaction before product release.

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Industries that use 3D Product rendering services Effectively

3D product visualization services have transformed the e-commerce industry. Customers can customize the product and see different variations of the product before they purchase the product. Even though the 3D product visualization technology looks futuristic it won’t be long before 3D product images become standard across the industry.

Which sectors stand to gain the most from 3D product visualization? While the advantages don’t just apply to the areas listed below, the following industries that g 3D product rendering extensively. 

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O Furnishing

Furnishing encompasses everything from living room sofas and office furniture to kitchen appliances. It includes bathroom accessories like faucets, sinks, and showers. Home furnishing in different configurations.

B2B commercial and office furniture sales are a massive $15 billion dollar industry in the US. It continues to grow at lightning speed.  Companies purchase office furniture in bulk, and its 3D product images help purchase departments visualize the furniture. They can customize the order before ordering in bulk. 

O Jewelry

The jewelry industry has quickly adopted Jewelry Renderings. Jewelry designers can develop models in 2D or 3D using rendering, which then creates lifelike pictures of the piece from every aspect, with any type of gem or diamond and in any hue of gold. The images’ backgrounds, including their color and texture, can also be selected by jewelers. It is possible to complete the process in a few hours.

O Marketing

3D rendering has improved the flexibility of advertisers. They can use 3D Product Visualization Services to present products in new and interesting ways. Marketing comes down to how you represent the product.  Marketers can use 3D rendering to depict their items in 3D rendering. The images can be depicted realistically, highlighting all their features and advantages. Marketers can use unlimited variations with the same images. Marketers frequently tweak and test these photos to discover the one that generates the most engagement in order to get the best results.

O Manufacturing

Throughout various phases of the production process, manufacturers also use 3D rendered product photos. They first utilize this technology to determine a product’s concept and determine how it will seem after production. Then, to pique the public’s curiosity and generate some preorders, they can also employ 3D renders for teasers in the absence of one or two images of the product that hasn’t yet been created. Finally, they can promote their items to investors and their audience using this technology after the fact.

O E-commerce

E-commerce websites use 3d rendering images extensively. The websites need to portray the products accurately. Photography is intensive in both time and effort. With 3D models, the sites can show the product from different angles and provide a 360-degree view. Customers can visualize the product better. 

O Designers

Renderings are commonly used by designers to represent various project ideas or concepts to potential investors. 3D visualization technology enables clients and designers to collaborate on designs in real-time and eliminates potential production errors before project execution ever begins, this is very effective in accelerating the approval process between the two parties.

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Future of 3D Product rendering

3D product rendering services have grown tremendously in the last decade. Here are some ways rendering may be used in the future.

O Virtual reality

There is tremendous excitement about 3D virtual rendering services. Various industries are looking for ways to implement virtual reality. Virtual reality was previously limited to the military, automotive, and airline industries. Today, utilizing this technology, teams can visualize the finished product of a project before any actual work is done. Providing a preview of the product has proved to be a game changer. It’s a terrific approach to guarantee that clients will be enthusiastic about the process, cooperative, and satisfied once it’s finished.

O Animation

It is a subset of 3D visualization and rendering. Animators use CGI to produce visually stunning work. Contrary to belief, animation is not confined to entertainment but is also used for creative and highly detailed visual representation. It can show an incredible amount of detail and realism. 

O Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is similar to augmented reality but is so far limited to fields with large budgets. It is commonly used as a training tool. It is considered to be more immersive than virtual reality. 

Real-time rendering

Real-time rendering, or RTR, has the same foundation as 3D rendering. Each component is developed and defined individually. Real-time rendering is presented in a different manner.

In a conventional rendering scenario, the rendering can be made and watched in a fixed premeditated format. In real-time rendering, the pertinent portions of the rendering are displayed as required. Video games are the best example of real-time renderings. It can be used to create an engaging virtual element for business applications.

6 reasons to hire the best rendering studio

Atellier Studio is the best rendering studio. We have over 10 years of experience in creating HD product rendering. There are various reasons you should hire the best rendering studio:

1. Control the expenses

If you have an in-house rendering team you have to meet expenses like salary, office space, software, taxes, and other costs. If you have a small number of projects it will be a waste of manpower or if you are overburdened you may have to pay overtime. By outsourcing the service you can control costs while ensuring you get high-quality photorealistic rendering. This proves to be more cost-effective than hiring an experienced in-house team. 

2. Quality resources

3D rendering studios have become competitive. We have a wealth of experience in the product in producing quality product renders. In order to maintain our competitive edge we ensure our team of graphic designers and animators regularly update and upgrade their skills. We use the latest software and tools to aid them produce quality work quickly. 

3. Minimize errors

3D rendering is a complicated process it is inevitable for errors to creep into the project. However, a small error can cause massive problems in the project. By outsourcing the project, you can reduce the likelihood of errors. Our team specializes in 3D rendering and is more detailed oriented and more perceptive to minor details. They are more likely to detect mistakes that others may miss. 

4. Reduce workload

Most business owners are very busy with operational work. You may not be able to prioritize and pay attention to 3D rendering in the course of your busy work schedule.  Byt quality rendering not only helps you get orders but also improves your brand image. When you outsource your work you can concentrate on running the business smoothly. 

5. Get the best service

Through the use of 3D rendering outsourcing, distance barriers can be overcome. Each studio has different abilities, and render resources are not divided equally. You are free to seek assistance from talented teams throughout the world if local resources fall short of your needs. We are proud to have clients from all over the world.

6. Improve visual content

Social media profiles and official websites serve as your promotional platforms nowadays if you want to promote the products and services of your business and establish a name for yourself. And your websites and accounts’ content for the goods and services are like your business cards. It would be much better to employ 3D renderings to make your presentation more compelling and memorable if images and words alone are insufficient to draw viewers. Just picture your design concept elegantly presented to your audience. Does it communicate your creative inspiration and emotional connection to your potential clientele and bring you closer to them?


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